February 14, 2016

Garden that is flourishing all year round

We all want our garden to be filled with flowers all the time, but how to achieve that? With the right combination of plants, we can have exactly that – garden that is vivid and full of flowers during the whole year.  Here are few plants and flowers that can help you create that effect.

Scaevola or Mediterranean fan – this plant is maintained very easily, it can be exposed to the sun, or it can be put in the shade. It blossoms from mid of April to the late autumn; flowers are in white, purple and blue color. This type of flowers has two formations, one that hangs on one side of the flowerpot and the other that makes a straight bush.  It can be planted in hanging pots or in big gardening pots. It is grown at temperatures from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, although it tolerates well even the night temperatures.

8507500350_d19cf1e990Lantana is a bushy plant that originates from Latin America, where it grows freely in tropical forests. It is identified by glossy, dark green leaves with a multitude of flower buds. In the greenhouse, this plant, flowers through the whole year, and in the open space from spring until the first frosts.

What makes this plant even more special is the Lantana changes the color of the flowers during its development. Tree can have flowers in various colors – yellow, pink, white and purple. After the blossom is finished, the bunch of berries is left, something similar to blueberry – only it contains the seeds of lantana.

As a dragon that spreads its wings, so hanging begonia (Begonia Dragon Wing) grows quickly and lusciously. With proper maintenance, it can blossom continuously, until the first frosts. It is known by large, heart-shaped, glossy leaves and large flowers of bright colors. This variety of begonias can be grown in the garden, paired with the Swedish ivy, or on the balcony in hanging pots. It grows best on the well-drained and unfertilized soil. Do not water it too much. It loves the light, but not direct sunlight.


Zinnia is another flowering that is easy to grow. It is planted in flower gardens and used in arrangements as a cut flower. It looks pretty harsh, but it is very durable, both in the garden and in the vase. There are high and dwarf types of Zinnias. They are planted in gardens during the second half of April. Tall varieties are planted at a distance of 30-40 inches. Zinnia likes sunny places, and it is not too demanding – submits poorer, but well-drained soils. It starts to bloom early, at the beginning of June until the first frosts. Blooms in yellow, pink, red, apricot color, coral and ivory.

How to Grow Zinnias?

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Burning Love (Ageratum) comes from Latin America – Peru and Mexico. It can be found in high and low varieties. Low species grow up to 20 inches in height and are ideal for edgy parts of the garden and curbs. They will look beautiful if you plant them in or near a rocky path in the garden.